Purchasing Options

Do you accept purchase orders?

Yes, we do accept purchase orders!

However, if you are located outside of the United States, please note that we will be able to accept only bank transfers and/or credit cards as the mode of payment. 

When you're ready to order: 

  • Please submit your purchase orders through this link: https://everydayspeech.com/po. You can also email a copy to purchasing@everydayspeech.com.

  • We highly discourage sending purchase orders through postal mail due to the number of instances of lost/undelivered mail.

In order to promptly process your order, please ensure you have the following information upon submitting your purchase order:

  • A Billing contact – either your Accounts Payables email OR the best person to receive our invoices and correspondences.

  • A complete user list. Please note that our billing is 1 subscription per user, unless you have a Site License. Please attach a user list with the first name, last name, and email address of every user.

  • The preferred start date of your subscriptions – either choose one that is available on the upload form, or let us know a date of your choice. We typically process orders on Mondays!

  • If you would like to pay for the purchase order via credit card, let us know and we can send a secure link via email after we send the invoice.

Once you send in your purchase order, a team member will be in touch with the next steps! If you do not receive an acknowledgment within 72 hours, please reach out to us here with the details of your order so that we can follow up!

If you are in need of a price quote, you can generate one by clicking here.

Our W9 form is available to download here.

Thank you for choosing Everyday Speech! 

Do you offer discounts for multiple subscriptions?

Yes, we do offer bulk discounts for purchasing multiple subscriptions (starting at 5+ subscriptions)! We offer a tiered discount pricing which means the more subscriptions that you purchase, the more you save!

Please note that our licensing is one user per subscription. We define a "user" as a professional running an independent session. An assistant using the platform in conjunction with a therapist or teacher would not need their own subscription, nor would individual students. However, multiple therapists or teachers operating in different locations or at different times would each require their own subscription. 

Starting at 20 Complete Guided Therapy licenses, you also get a 1-hour training webinar with one of our Everyday Speech Experts  for free! ($1,000 value).

To get the exact bulk discount pricing, you may generate a quote here.


If you’re looking for more information on our bulk discounts, you may also reach out to our Sales team for any questions regarding our pricing

We hope you found this helpful! As always, you can reach out to us here if you have any further questions. 

Do you offer site licenses?

Yes, we do! If you think your school district or organization would be interested in using Everyday Speech for your entire district or organization, or if you want us to help assist in the transition to remote learning using Everyday Speech, we would be happy to work together with you! 

Please don't hesitate to reach out to our Sales team to know more about our site licensing options.

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Do you offer discounts for multiple subscriptions?
Are there any shipping charges?

There are no shipping charges, as the product is entirely digital and links are delivered via email.

Are subscription prices inclusive of tax?

For our US customers, all subscription prices are exclusive of tax. Being located in Massachusetts, we do not collect sales tax, as the state does not collect sales tax for digital subscriptions.

For our Australian customers, we do not collect GST for our subscriptions. Our GST turnover from sales that are connected with Australia does not meet nor exceed the registration turnover threshold required to collect GST. (https://www.ato.gov.au/business/international-tax-for-business/gst-on-imported-services-and-digital-products

For other international locations, we are currently evaluating and studying the applicable laws we need to comply to in order to collect and remit sales tax for your territory. Because of this, our invoices currently do not have sales tax factored in.