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Using the SLP with Canvas

Canvas is a learning management platform that can integrate with many of your favorite teletherapy tools!

There are several different ways you can keep track of your students and integrate Everyday Speech using Canvas.

You can use modules to organize content and create a flow for what students should do in the course. Modules can be used to organize content by weeks, units, or a different organization structure. This would be perfect for organizing Everyday Speech material by week or unit. 

To start organizing, you can go to your Courses and start creating modules to organize your lessons.

Click on Add Module!


You can go even further and organize ahead by adding prerequisites. This way, your student will unlock the modules in stages and will only see the module ahead only when they’ve finished the current module. This is helpful for preparing several units at once.


Tip: Preview what your student sees by clicking on ‘Student View’ in your Dashboard! 


Now that you have a couple of modules set-up, we can start integrating Everyday Speech material! To start setting up your modules, you can use a feature built into our platform where you can generate a shared link to send to your students. They will not need an account to view the material you’ve shared as long as it has the unique token at the end of the link. Please refer to this article on sharing materials.

To start, scroll to any of the modules you’ve created and click the + button on the top right.


From there, there are several different options for you to share Everyday Speech material, but we’ll highlight the easiest one to share immediately:

External URL


You can put any unique share link into the URL bar and your student will be able to view the material from their computer! No account needed.

Please note that we are not affiliated with Canvas. This is a basic overview on how you can start using Canvas with Everyday Speech. For questions or troubleshooting, please refer to their Help Center.

Canvas has several integrations with web conference platforms. See below on how you can integrate these platforms into your Canvas portal:

Google Meets
Microsoft Teams

Happy teaching!